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We, at Mezzo Management Group, are inspired by those who choose us to become part of their team. We are a goal-oriented firm that specializes in multi-level development strategies for our clients throughout their sporting careers. When you hire Mezzo Management Group, we become your advocate in pursuing the commercial opportunities that fit your specific needs.

We truly believe that an educated client is the best client. The foundation of our development strategy is to involve you, the client, in each step we take together. We want you to know your brand and your positions within the marketplace as well as we do. We want to be your teammates and your partners from the moment you are ready.

When you hire Mezzo Management Group, you immediately tap into our global network of contacts and partners. We will not hesitate to connect you to the right group of people to advise you, develop your brand, and aggressively match new opportunities that will advance your position in the marketplace.

What we do


Contract Negotiation
We want to connect you with the brands that will drive your business. From start to finish, our team ensures that your brand agreements fit within a dynamic business strategy that positions you with a strong financial and commercial return.
Competition Scheduling
Our network supplies you with a strong and seamless solution so you can perform at your best when and where you need it. From media obligations to travel planning, we ensure that you are taken care of door-to-door.
Brand Development
We work with our clients to develop their brand by not simply relying on what they do in the arena, but by creatively showcasing their profiles through targeted use of media.  We believe that through story-telling, creative visual campaigns, and utilization of our media network we can place your brand in the right space at the right time.
Career Planning
Our main goal is to make sure that together we enact the right strategy for you to make sure that your life outside of sport parallels the strength of your career as one of the world’s top athletes. We want to make sure that your brand is strong and that you can set goals to utilize your platform to continue to build your life even after you decide to move on from the high paced environment of the running circuit.



Swim | Bike | Run


Swim. Bike. Run. #teammezzo athletes who specialize in this grueling event are some of the best in the world. We know that it takes a special talent to push both body and mind beyond the limits of what is thought possible, so we tailor our service to make sure that you’re taken care of whether you’re on land or in the water. Thanks to our dedicated partnerships within the triathlon ecosystem, we provide a full 360 service including commercial & race contract negotiation through to travel management, ensuring your hours are spent focusing on training, racing and resting.

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